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"Net Zero Energy" to Reach Revenues of $690 Billion / year by 2020
and $1.3 Trillion / year Industry by 2035

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Buildings of the Future sm

What are Buildings of the Future?

Buildings of the Future are totally sustainable, built with all sustainable materials, include rainwater collection and at the heart of all Buildings of the Future, are "Net Zero Energy" systems, which allow the building owner to operate with or without connection to the electric utility.







Net Zero Energy Market to Become $1.3 Trillion/year Industry by 2035

Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - What About The Buildings Already Standing?


Net Zero Energy

CHP Systems  *  Micro-Grid  *  Solar Cogeneration  *  Solar Thermal Systems  *  Trigeneration

"Changing the Way the World Makes and Uses Energy" SM

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Architecture  *  Buildings of the Future  *  Energy Master Planning  *  Net Zero Energy 
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Renewable Energy  *  Solar Cogeneration  *  Solar Thermal Systems  *  Solar Trigeneration  



Buildings of the Future

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Buildings of the Future sm

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